Exploring the Top Casting Agencies in Los Angeles: 2024 Review

top casting agencies in LA
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Being a producer isn’t a job just anyone can do. It takes an eye for detail and a level head to oversee all aspects that go into producing movies, photoshoots, commercials, and fashion shows. And unfortunately, we know administrative burdens (like securing production insurance) and reduced resources can slow down the production process. 

That’s why LÜK Network is focused on providing the partnership, tools, and support producers like you need to get the job done. 

Since we aim to simplify the casting, booking, and production process, we compiled a review of some of the top casting agencies in Los Angeles for you to consider for your next production.

Casting Agencies vs Talent Agencies

Model at a photoshoot

Casting Agencies

The main objective of casting agencies is to find talent. They use briefs provided by producers to find the ideal person for the role based on a specific set of needs. Casting agencies facilitate the talent booking process to identify the best talent for the part.

The talent’s agency handles the negotiations for contracts and fees on behalf of the talent.

Talent Agencies

Talent agencies provide clients with various services, including procuring work for models, singers, actors, writers, photographers, artists, and even athletes. They assist their talent by connecting them with major brands and managing their career.

There are also smaller talent agencies, or boutique agencies, that only work with a select group of talent for industry needs. It could be for commercials, print, tv shows, movies, etc., and they work to provide top customer service to their talent.

LÜK’s Multi-Agency Package

LÜK’s Multi-agency Package makes it easy to choose the right talent with virtual or in-person casting. LÜK is an all-in-one talent-booking platform dedicated to providing the best, most diverse talent available. Our goal is to change the way producers find and cast talent by streamlining onboarding and helping you arrange virtual or in-person casting calls for your upcoming projects. 

You provide all the important details such as time, date, location, parking instructions, protocols, and any items models should bring to the shoot, and your personal booking specialist will do the rest. 

After filming, our 1099 payroll system makes accounting a breeze by consolidating all 1099 freelancers from the production onto a single invoice and managing all payments.

Best Casting Agencies Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the most famous destinations in the world for actors and talent looking to break into the entertainment industry. With so many casting and talent agencies in the city, it can be overwhelming for aspiring talent and producers to know which are the best. So, we put together this list with some of the top casting agencies this year.

If you’re already ready to start casting and meeting with talent for your next project, then get started with LÜK. Create an account for free and get all the tools you need to book your next casting call. If you’re still curious about the top agencies in Los Angeles, let’s read! 

Cast Partner

Cast Partner logo

Cast Partner is an international casting agency in partnership with well-known brands such as Harper’s Bazaar, Louis Vuitton, and GAP. With five offices worldwide, Cast Partner offers an extensive casting service focusing on building and maintaining relationships and representing multiple cultures and ethnicities.


  • Influencer casting
  • Product seeding
  • Talent payment
  • Engagement tracking 
  • Fee negotiation
  • Usage payment
  • Onboarding 
  • Marketing tools
  • Creative casting 

Dan Bell Casting

Dan Bell Casting logo

Dan Bell Casting Inc. has been a leader in the real people casting industry for over two decades. They focus on seeking out faces that make a lasting impression and are relatable to the public. Dan Bell Casting has provided casting services for Adidas, Beyonce, and Disney.


  • Real people casting
  • Traditional casting
  • Athlete casting 
  • Body-double casting

DM Casting

DM Casting logo

DM Casting Agency is a full-service fashion casting company with offices in Los Angeles, New York City, Paris, and Rome. They specialize in casting for fashion shows, magazine covers and editorials, brand ambassadorships, and more. Some major luxury brands DM Casting has worked with include Victoria Beckham, Tom Ford, Givenchy, and Versace.


  • Casting for fashion shows, advertising campaigns, covers, and editorials
  • Casting for special projects 
  • Talent ambassadorships

Engage Artists Agency

Engage Artists Agency logo

Engage Artist Agency, founded in 2015, is a casting agency that represents actors, singers and musicians, dancers, writers, and mainly casts for film and television. This agency works to support talent in building and growing their careers. Besides casting, they periodically accept booking inquiries and submissions for film and television castings. 

Services: Film and television casting

Good People Casting

Good People Casting logo

Good People Casting is a full-service casting agency that casts nationally and internationally. This agency has experience finding difficult-to-find talent and niche casts but is specialized in the traditional casting process. Over the years, Good People Casting has worked with top brands such as Facebook, H&M, Gia Coppola, Google, and more. 


  • Real people casting
  • Film and television casting
  • Texas casting
  • Music video casting
  • Non-union comic casting
  • Voice-over casting
  • Spanish and bilingual casting

JN Casting

JN Casting logo

JN Casting has been in business since 2001, providing comprehensive production and casting services to clients worldwide. They specialize in finding the best talent for fashion, film, sports, and tech projects for clients ranging from high-end and high-street fashion labels to cutting-edge or iconic lifestyle brands. JN Casting has worked on campaigns for brands such as Samsung, Macy’s, and UNIQLO. 


  • Traditional casting 
  • Real people casting
  • Influencer casting
  • Fashion casting
  • Film and television casting
  • Athlete casting
  • Casting for advertising across all editorial and digital platforms
  • Production launches
  • Store openings
  • Brand dinners
  • Contract negotiations

Mel and Liz Casting

Mel and Liz Casting logo

Mel and Liz Casting have worked for the last 14 years to find the best talent and faces for global  brands and companies. They have had the opportunity to cast for commercials, beauty campaigns, testimonials, print, and more. Some of their most notable collaborations are Barbie, Google, and Verizon. 


  • Real people casting
  • Commercial casting
  • Comic casting
  • Voice-over casting
  • Beauty campaign casting
  • Print campaign casting
  • Spanish Language casting

Red Penny

redpenny logo

Red Penny is a casting agency with over 20 years of experience crafting flexible, custom solutions to fit the scope, timing, budget, and creative criteria of their clients’ projects. Red Penny specializes in commercials, lifestyle, fashion, street, and real people casting with past clients including Chase Bank, Mercedes Benz, Cadillac, Chevron, and Microsoft. 


  • Real people casting 
  • Talent social media statistics and tracking
  • Interactive casting and talent management tools
  • Talent data management

Rich King Casting

Rich King Casting

Rich King Casting has been in the game for decades with major credits such as the Kill Bill Franchise, Big Little Lies, Sully, and more under their belt. Spearheaded by casting director Rich King, they look for talent in any capacity, whether they are real people, extras, or performers for their projects. 


  • Film and television casting 
  • Real people casting 

Shay Nielson Casting

Shay Nielson Casting logo

Shay Nielsen Casting is a worldwide casting agency and creative consultancy that collaborates with clients to select the best talent for editorial, movie productions, and advertising campaigns. They also specialize in street casting and discovering fresh and unconventional talent globally. Shay Nielsen has collaborated with Adidas, Balmain, Dior, Diesel, and Chanel brands.


  • Fashion casting
  • Street casting
  • Film and television casting 
  • Advertising and editorial casting
  • Commercial casting
  • Beauty casting

Wulf Casting

Wulf Casting logo

Wulf Casting is a highly acclaimed, comprehensive casting studio specializing in casting for commercials, print ads, fashion campaigns, comedy, and branded content. With over ten years of experience, Wulf Casting has established a strong track record of working with influential brands such as Nintendo, Vogue, and Dior.


  • Traditional casting
  • Real people casting
  • Beauty and fashion casting 
  • Specialty talent casting
  • Casting for music videos
  • Film and television casting (union & non-union actors)
  • Children casting 
  • Photography
  • Production consulting

Zan Casting

Zan Casting logo

Zan Casting focuses on discovering unique and genuine talent to help tell stories. They strive to create strong connections with their talent and clients and have experience working with famous figures and influencers. They source their talent through worldwide street casting and have teamed up with West Elm, Vera Wang, Netflix, Instagram, and others. 


  • Global street casting
  • Real people casting
  • Footage research
  • User-generated content
  • Influencer and celebrity negotiation
  • Voice-over casting
  • Talent support
  • Commercial casting
  • Fashion casting
  • Film casting

How to Choose the Best Casting Agency in Los Angeles

As a producer, you know that each production or project you work on is unique and requires the best of the best to make the vision come alive. That’s why we made LÜK Network–a casting love letter to all the producers out there. 

LÜK Network is dedicated to streamlining the booking and production process for casting directors and teams. We have created an exhaustive platform that assists producers in locating talent, organizing castings, sending independent contractor payments, managing taxes, and more.

Our casting cure-all connects top-tier producers with top-tier talent–in one seamless, satisfying, and smiling platform Ü 

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