ONE Management Review: What to Know About ONE Management Modeling Agency

The modeling and entertainment world is filled with talent, and as a producer, it’s your job to find the best talent for your production. But, this can be one of the most time-consuming parts of your job…on top of overseeing hundreds of details involved in production management

To help take the load off your shoulder, we’re reviewing one of the most popular talent agencies in the entertainment world: ONE Management

What is ONE Management? 

ONE Management is a leading entertainment agency connecting talent with opportunities in modeling, acting, music, film, and more for over two decades. As the industry has grown, so has the agency, and today they are still actively seeking out fresh and authentic talent to represent. 

ONE Management prides itself on diversity and introducing unique and rare talent to the entertainment industry. The agency has a division called Curve, for curvy and plus-sized models. The division is located in New York and is home to talents Chandler Goodwin, Haley Hasselhoff, Grace Nass, Gabrielle O’Connor, Drew Sarai, and Chelsea Miller. 

Who is the Owner and CEO of ONE Management?

The current CEO and Chairman of ONE Management is Jawahar Chirimar and Bari Spector was recently appointed as the president of the modeling agency. These positions were previously held by the founder of ONE Management, Scott Lipps until he stepped down in 2017. 

Scott Lipp then moved to Los Angeles and founded another modeling agency, Lipps LA, in 2017 with Anahid Krile and Monna Lee, a sister company to ONE Management. 

Lipps still had an ownership stake with ONE Management but has opened Lipps LA to represent social media influencers and creators, book endorsements for celebrities, and consulting for brand and content.

Just this year, Lipps LA and Zombie Model Management joined together to start a new agency, The Rebellion. The Rebellion has offices in New York and LA and is expecting to represent about 200 models and influencers and support them as they grow throughout their careers.

ONE Management Review

About ONE Management Modeling Agency 

ONE Management is a full-fledged entertainment agency representing models and other talents like singers, rappers, actors, and more. The agency has four locations in Los Angeles,  New York, Chicago, and Spain. 

Despite being considered young compared to other modeling agencies, it made a name for itself by managing the careers of Niki Taylor, Saweetie, Petra Nemcova, DJ Snake, Fabulous, Eugenia Silva, and more. 


Founded in 2001 by Scott Lipps, ONE Management was strictly a model management company and fashion house. However, in 2006, ONE Management became an entertainment company looking to bridge the gap between music and branding. 

This led to ONE Management expanding and opening a location in Los Angeles with Darren Goldberg for film and television. 

Today, ONE Management offers its managing skills and talent from four locations with some of the most sought-after models, rappers, singers, actors, and more. 


Each ONE Management location is home to both female and male models. 

New York

magazine covers

The New York location of ONE Management boasts an impressive roster of talent and was the only location before the agency expanded. This location includes their Curve and 1 division as well. MJ, Rachel Fox, and Willa Devereux are a few household names that ONE Management New York represents. 

ONE Management New York has gone on to work with major brands like Bottega, Elle, Galore, and more. 

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Los Angeles

This location was created in October 2020 to represent more types of talent besides models. ONE Management Los Angeles represents talents like Rachel Roberts, Saweetie, Fabulous, Abby Garrett, Monique Jones, David Lopez, Geno Murphy, and more. 

ONE Management Los Angeles’ talent has collaborated with  GQ, Cosmopolitan, L’Officiel, and Harper’s Bazaar. 

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ONE Management’s Chicago location opened in January 2021, and despite being one of the newer locations, the “Windy City” is packed with talent. Caroline Forsling, Annie Tice, Bill Tamlyn, Bar Refaeli, Gracie Smith, Brendan Hayes, Dan Volpe, and Rachelle Goulding are some of the well-known names this location represents. 

Talent from the Chicago location has worked with Abercrombie & Fitch, Grazia, Vogue, and Marie Claire.


Founded in November 2021 and representing most of ONE Management’s international talent, their Spain location also houses renowned talent such as Anyiel Majok, Barbara Valente, Raica Oliveira, Aashish Thakur, and Caiden. 

Talent from the Spain location has walked for Dolce and Gabbana, Valentino Haute Couture, and modeled for Louis Vuitton, Tom Ford, Alexander Wang, Vanity Fair, and more. 

Who is Signed With ONE Management?

Some famous ONE Management talent includes: 

  • Devon Aoki
  • Kirsten Owen
  • Claudia Schiffer
  • Iman
  • David Koch
  • Jacob Morton
  • Helena Christensen
  • Bar Refaeli
  • David Guillo
  • Ahmad Cisse
  • Niki Taylor
  • Caroline Forsling
  • Fitz
  • Haley Nichols
  • Aoki Lee Simmons
  • Gigi Goode

More About ONE Management Modeling Agency

How Much Do ONE Management Models Make?

A model’s salary depends on their work and contracts. Unfortunately, there’s no definite information on how much ONE Management models make. 

How to Become a Model with ONE Management

ONE Management normally scouts their talent but they also take submissions. When you send in your application to ONE Management, make sure you do the following: 

  • Submit fours photos of yourself, including full length, waist up, close up, and profile
  • Take pictures in natural daylight, avoiding direct sunlight
  • Do not use any make-up and wear your hair down; the agency wants to see talents’ natural look
  • Do not smile or use any selfie poses when taking the photos
  • Wear a shirt or tank top with skinny jeans
  • Send all images as a jpg, jpeg, or png
  • Photos should be no bigger than 600 KB per image

For the video portion of the submission process: 

  • Record videos of you walking and talking about yourself with no make-up on and have your hair down
  • Wear a simple shirt or top with skinny jeans
  • Add both videos on Youtube 
  • Be creative and show your personality

For the safety of both potential models and the agency, ONE asks individuals to verify outreach whenever connected by a recruiter. If talent has been contacted via Instagram, the outreach account should be verified with a blue checkmark. Social channels accounts include: 

  • @one.1models
  • @onemanagementla
  • @onemanagementchicago
  • @onemgmtcurve
  • @onemanagementspain

If talent is contacted via email, the email should look something like:  

ONE Management will never ask scouted talent to send explicit photos of themselves or for any payment to apply to the agency. 

ONE Management Resources


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How to Contact ONE Management 

You can contact ONE Management via phone or Instagram at one of the four locations. The agency’s contact page has all the contact information for each location. 

Bottom Line on ONE Management Modeling Agency

ONE Management may be young compared to other entertainment agency giants, but there’s no doubt this agency is here to stay. They’ve racked up quite a roster of talent in their 22 years and show no sign of stopping any time soon. If you’re looking for rare and unique talent for your next project, consider ONE Management…and definitely let LÜK help! 

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