15+ Best Producer Software Tools [2023]

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If there is one group of people who could use an extra hand, it’s creative producers. You have talent to book, sets to approve, entertainment insurance to secure…and we all know time is finite. 

Sure, you could do this all on your own and never have a moment’s rest during the entire production. Or…you could incorporate producer software tools to streamline your workflow, automate tasks, and increase productivity. Imagine: less time on admin and more time for creativity! 

Sounds good? Then you’re ready for this post! We’ve put this list with some of the top-performing software to help producers get to the next level. 

Types of Producer Software Tools

There are numerous software tools for producers that range from music editing to production payroll. All of the tools help streamline production and enhance output. Here are some of the many types of producer software tools: 

  • Music & audio production tools 
  • Production management
  • Payroll & accounting software 
  • Animation software 
  • Film and video production

The lists below cover the best producer software for music, payroll, and production management! 

Best Producer Software for Production Management

Out of our undying love for the entertainment industry and our quest to help producers with anything and everything, we’ve curated this list of software designed to streamline your production. 

Remember, the software listed below are only a few options that you can choose. Plenty of software exists with unique services, tools, and features that could help make your productions and projects run smoother. 

Here are some of the best producer software tools for managing your production.


Luk logo

LÜK’s producer software offers a complete set of tools for production management of booking, casting, and paying talent. 

LÜK’s modern booking tools allow you to access talent from multiple agencies on just one platform. It shows you the availability and rates–getting rid of back-and-forth emails that just take way too long. 

It’s finally simplified the outdated casting and booking management process, so you can: 

  • Set up virtual and in-person casting
  • Create white-label talent decks
  • Favorite the talent you want to work with
  • View and download models’ portfolios
  • Make custom lists to organize your favorite talent
  • Request digitals

LÜK takes it one step further by providing you with your own booking specialist who confirms castings and bookings and organizes onboarding–all while keeping you in the loop! Then, casting is organized into one booking link so producers can share and present them to other creatives. 

LÜK also offers extensive payroll services, but we’ll talk more about those features in our “producer software for payroll” list below! 

LÜK homepage image

Features & Services:

  • Simplified casting: We let you outsource the effort, communication, and labor in the casting process. Send us the details and just get the results!
  • Access to talent from multiple agencies: Established relationships that enable sourcing all available talent from 250+ agencies for any given role.
  • Booking management: Consolidation and organization of all submitted models’ books, specific information, and any other relevant data on them. You also get access to a neat and comprehensive filing of historical and archival data from previous shoots.
  • Personal booking specialist: A booking specialist to help set up casting calls, confirm talent for the projects, and handle any documentation on behalf of the producer.
  • Talent avails: Check and track whether talent is available for work and view their rates. 
  • Entertainment payroll processing: All talent and contractors are paid following federal and state labor laws. Clients can also access payout confirmations and reports. 
  • Payment Tools for Producers: Producers can pay a single invoice to freelancers and vendors, regardless of how many agencies or freelancers they’ve hired. 

Studio Binder

Studio Binder logo

StudioBinder is a production management software designed to streamline video, photo, TV, and film production processes. The platform helps with project management by providing tools for tasks like scriptwriting, shooting scheduling, storyboarding, call sheets, and more. 

Features & Services:

  • Script breakdowns: Users can import scripts and tag elements like props, wardrobes, etc. 
  • Contact lists: Send messages and manage talent, crew, vendors, and more. 
  • Shooting schedules: Drag-and-drop interface that helps users plan and schedule shoots. 
  • Call sheets: Create and send out personalized call sheets while tracking RSVPs. 


Yamdu logo

Yamdu is a cloud-based platform for film production management that streamlines workflows and centralizes production data. This platform offers production, scriptwriting, scheduling services, and data protection for scripts and other files.  

Yamdu software

Features & Services:

  • Cast and crew: Bring teams together to collaborate and share production information. 
  • Project calendar: Store all the production events, plans, and off-periods in one calendar. 
  • File sharing: Share files with talent and partners directly from the platform. 
  • Tracking: Can track who viewed, edited, uploaded, downloaded, lost, commented, and received any documents at any moment. 


Celtx logo

Celtx has scriptwriting and pre-production tools that help with story development and the production of TV and film projects. This platform can format scripts, organize lists, maintain catalogs, and more to keep production on track.

Celtx software

Features & Services:

  • Beat Sheet: Map out scenes, plot points, character arcs, and more to keep the story moving forward. 
  • Catalog: Track, manage, and categorize assets in one location. 
  • Script Sides: Instantly generates and shares dialogues and details about the script with actors and crew. 
  • Shot List: The platform can analyze scripts and generate daily shot lists. 


dramtify logo

Dramatify is a cloud-based production solution that works with multiple industries like entertainment, sports, documentaries, and more. Some of this platform’s services include cast and crew management, scheduling, scriptwriting, and more. 

Features & Services:

  • Production dashboard: Get the latest production updates and have access to all documents used for production. 
  • Budgeting: Import breakdown items, templates, budgets, notes, and upload cost spec to line items from any device. 
  • Wardrobe: Have all the information needed for wardrobe items, including cast measurements and character pages. 
  • Location Management: Producers can manage location options, image galleries, information, maps, and weather for upcoming scenes. 


Assemble logo

Assemble is a production management software that helps producers track their project tasks, manage files, and more. Users can collaborate in one place with features like file sharing, or users can adjust and monitor their project timelines with a calendar view. 

Assemble software

Features & Services:

  • Calendar and tasks lists: Users get a visual view of their entire project with milestones, and events, filter by date, phase, or priority, add subtasks, and more. 
  • Asset management: Store all creative assets in the cloud and organize projects by categories. 
  • Production documents: Create and distribute documents with customizable widgets, rows, columns, and track views across multiple devices. 
  • File sharing and feedback: Users can share their assets and files and receive feedback, track approvals, and leave comments in one place. 


Scrivener logo

Scrivener is a writing platform that can be used for scripts, manuscripts, essays, documents, and more. Users have full creative control over their scripts and can restructure them however they want, perform research within the platform, and more. 

Scrivener software

Features & Services:

  • Exporting: Export documents in multiple formats, including RTF, PDF, and Word. 
  • Full-Screen Writing: Full-screen composition mode that is completely customizable.
  • Metadata: Record and find information and color-code section with labels to track revisions. 
  • Collections: Create a list of documents to help write scenes and track chapters. 

Best Software for Music Production 

The best music software to create the music for any kind of production.

Logic Pro X by Apple

Logic Pro X by Apple icon

Logic Pro X is a music production and audio editing software created by Apple. It is designed to provide professional-quality audio solutions for musicians, sound designers, and producers. The software has a library of virtual instruments, loops, and audio effects, enabling users to create, mix, and fine-tune their music. 

Logic Pro X by Apple software

Features & Services:

  • Producing: Record and edit MIDI or audio with various editing tools. 
  • Beat Making: Program beats, bass lines, and other sequences with the Step Sequencer. 
  • Sampling: Create and edit multi-sampled instruments and import or record them into the Quick Sampler. 
  • Sound Library: Contains over 5000+ instruments, effect patches, and more/

Ableton Live 11

Ableton Live 11 logo

Ableton Live 11 is a music production software that live performers and studio producers use. This software allows for song creation, production, mixing, and even live performances. Ableton Live 11 also has software instruments, audio effects, and MIDI effects and is compatible with Windows and macOS.

Ableton Live 11 software

Features & Services:

  • Linked-track editing: Link two or more tracks and edit them at the same time. 
  • PitchLoop89: Create a glitch effect, digital shimmers, and vibrato to add character to sounds. 
  • Tempo following: Users can listen live to adjust tempo based on real-time incoming audio. 
  • Note chance: Set the probability of when a drum or note hit will happen and generate different variations to each pattern. 

Presonus Studio One 5 Artist

Presonus Studio One 5 Artist logo

PreSonus Studio One 5 Artist is a digital audio workstation for music composition and production. This software, developed by PreSonus, comes with features for beginners and experienced audio engineers. The platform offers workflow with drag-and-drop functionality and multi-touch support. 

Presonus Studio One 5 Artist software

Features & Services:

  • Sound libraries: Over 100 content libraries are available to use for production. 
  • Learning tools: Users have access to courses, lessons, and videos to help them understand the interface. 
  • Studio One Workspaces: A live chat that lets users collaborate and communicate in real time for mixes and performances. 
  • Community: Users can find and work with collaborators to share mixes, get feedback, and more. 

Steinberg Cubase Pro 12

Steinberg Cubase Pro 12 logo

Steinberg Cubase Pro 12 is a digital audio workstation equipped with audio/MIDI recording, editing, and mixing tools for composers, producers, and mixing engineers. It provides users with an environment with virtual instruments, an array of studio-grade audio, and MIDI effects processors. Steinberg Cubase Pro 12 is compatible with Windows and MacOS. 

Steinberg Cubase Pro 12 software

Features & Services:

  • FX Modulator: Create custom LFOs and modulate six integrated effects at one time. 
  • Crossfade editor: Advanced crossfade editor for more control, operation, and editing for blending. 
  • Audiowarp: Edit audio recordings and correct timings in the Project window. 
  • Raiser: Increase the loudness of your production without affecting transients or transparency. 

Best Producer Software for Payroll 

Here are some of the best producer software tools for streamlining payroll for your production. 


Luk logo

Why are we on here twice? LÜK’s producer software takes care of all your casting and booking…but it also provides a complete solution for producers’ tax, payment, and legal tasks!

LÜK offers comprehensive insurance and payroll services for the entertainment industry, efficiently handling tasks such as worker classification, workers’ compensation, talent invoicing and payments, payroll taxes, and more. 

The goal is to streamline producers’ workload, allowing you more time to do what you love! 

LÜK software

Features & Services:

  • LÜK Pay: Clients can make a single payment covering all invoices–no matter how many different freelancers or agencies are involved. All you have to do is approve or dispute one invoice for each production, leaving the rest of the payment procedures to LÜK.
  • Wage compliance by state: LÜK takes on the duty of paying talent as contractors by labor laws, including California and all other states in the US. 
  • Worker’s comp: Provides 1099 workers’ comp to any production. 
  • Worker classification: Properly categorizes all employees and contractors to avoid any tax or legal ramifications. 
  • Tax management: Will automatically send 1099-NEC to independent contractors exceeding the threshold set by the IRS for tax season.  
  • Employer of Record: Assumes responsibility for all the financial and legal procedures associated with contractor payroll, workers comp, and tax documentation on your behalf.

ABS Payroll 

ABS Payroll logo

ABS Payroll specializes in delivering payroll services for a range of productions, including independent films, television, and commercials. Beyond payroll, they offer support in production accounting, managing tax incentives and workers’ compensation assistance, catering to the needs of both union and non-union productions.

ABS Payroll  software

Features & Services:

  • Production accounting: Detailed cost reporting, vendor management, and cash flow tracking to keep productions under budget. 
  • Production Accounting & Software: This is software for production accountants that includes cost reporting, vendor management, and cash-flow tracking.
  • Insurance: Helps clients purchase annual, short-term, or special entertainment insurance coverage. 
  • Residuals Processing: Residuals processing for all Reuse Markets – ATL / BTL payments, P&H contributions, and payroll taxes.

Entertainment Partners

ep payroll logo

Entertainment Partners provides payroll services in the film industry, collaborating with prominent studios and productions. They offer solutions like SmartStart and SmartTime to simplify the processes of onboarding and time-keeping. Additionally, they offer services aiding in budgeting, scheduling, and documentation. 

Entertainment Partners plaform

Features & Services:

  • Enterprise Hub: This platform provides a single digital view of all your productions.
  • SmartStart: Am onboarding tools equipped with templates, custom forms, automatic updates, compliance, and more. 
  • Casting Portal: Book talent, send and track documents, and expedite payroll through a private portal. 
  • Digital W-2s and 1099s: EP offers free digital versions of W-2s and 1099s. 

Use the Best Producer Software Tool

As a producer, you’ll most likely have a large tech stack that includes several of the tools on this list. 

But, if you want a tool that helps with casting, booking, payroll, taxes, legal compliance, and more–you’ll want to work with LÜK. 

Our platform is here to help producers find the perfect talent for their production and get paid once production is finished. The user-friendly interface allows producers to cast, book, and manage their contractors in a way that’s streamlined, efficient, and, well, productive! 

LÜK’s founders knew first-hand just how archaic and flawed the production process had always been. And they knew that there had to be a way to make it better. 

So they did! LÜK is working every day to make life for creatives infinitely better–resulting in better morale, better vibes on set, and better creative. 


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