9+ Best Casting Agencies Directories & Websites [2024]

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Searching for reputable casting agencies can be a daunting task to stare down. Producers on the hunt for talent know this struggle intimately. It can take a lot of time and energy to find the best casting agency for a project. 

Casting agency directories can help reduce workload. These casting agency websites bring together a variety of casting agencies on one platform so you can find exactly what you need when you need it. Isn’t it great when all of the info you’re looking for is in one simple place? 

Not sure which is the best casting agency directory to use? Our mission at LÜK Network is to pare down the workload of our fellow creatives, and in the case of this aforementioned search, gladly do the work for you.

Let’s explore some of the best casting agency directories together! 

What is a casting agency directory?

A casting agency directory is a consolidated list of all reputable or established agencies that specialize in the representation of talent. Typically these lists provide cursory information on the type of talent represented and how to connect with them. 

However, some platforms, like LÜK Network, go even further. Our connection and relationship with 250+ agencies across the U.S. covers the span of any type of talent a creative could cast. You can connect with vetted talent from any of the agencies–and manage all auditions, bookings, 1099 payroll, and accounting in one place.

Best Casting Agency Directories & Websites

If you want to be the best, you gotta know the best. Below you’ll find a list of the top-tier agency directories and sites to assist your talent search. 

In our cool, considerate, objective, unprejudiced opinion, we’re number one. (The others are helpful too.) 

1. LÜK Network

LÜK Network logo

Best for: Producers looking to cast, book, and pay talent for photoshoots 

Zooming all the way out, LÜK is a marketplace that connects top-tier talent with top-tier creative producers at some of the world’s biggest brands and production houses. Within that framework, we provide tools and services to simplify producers’ workloads and free them up to focus fully on the creative and logistical tasks at hand. 

Think of it like this: we’re your industry expert, personal booking specialist, and accounting department’s new best friend–all in one simple platform. 

LÜK Network casting software


  • Consolidation of all talent submitted for a role. 
  • Access to clean, comprehensive consolidation of historical and archival data from previous shoots.
  • Outsourcing of effort, communication, and labor in the casting process. Send us the details and receive the results. 
  • Outsourcing of accounting work: we handle the tedium of 1099 payroll and agency invoices. 

If you’re a busy producer, we’re sure we can help you in any way you need.

Reach out for a demo, to learn more, or even just to say hey. We love to meet the best of the best. 


models. logo

Best for: List of talent, agencies, and industry professionals in the modeling industry is the preeminent internet database for all things model industry related. It was founded in 1999 and is among the most popular landing pads online for industry professionals, models, and modeling enthusiasts. 

models. website image


  • Provides information such as news, interviews, trend reports, and fashion updates for those interested in the world of modeling.
  • A comprehensive database of the top models, agencies, and other professionals who are in the industry.

3. Backstage

Backstage logo

Best for: Actors or models looking to be cast or to audition.

Backstage is an online platform that connects performers and models with job opportunities in the entertainment industry. Backstage began in 1960 as a print publication and has since expanded to its current online presence, where industry professionals can post and track roles for talent to find. 

Backstage website image


  • Database of casting calls and auditions, industry news, and career advice.
  • Directory of talent agents, casting directors, and other industry professionals.
  • Filterable system in the audition process to narrow down specifications for a casted role.

4. Casting Networks

casting networks logo

Best for: Casting directors and actors working on commercial, television, and theater projects

Casting Networks is a multifaceted platform for actors and performers. Talent can search for casting calls and auditions, upload and share audition materials, and receive notifications of new opportunities. The platform also features a directory of industry personae for talent to seek representation from and/or familiarize themselves with the professional landscape. 

Casting Networks website image


  • Self-service style platform for casting directors and performers to communicate during the casting process.
  • Database for casting calls and auditions.
  • Talent can upload and share audition materials, as well as be notified of new opportunities they may be a fit for.

5. Swipecast

Swipecast logo

Best for: Booking a model directly without the agency/manager as a middleman.

Swipecast is a direct-to-model platform for clients to manage and hire talent. The website connects freelance models, photographers, and other creatives with clients who are looking to build a team for upcoming projects. The platform was founded in 2014 and has remained a solid option for those looking to cut out the middleman when crewing up.

Swipecast website image


  • Connects freelance models, photographers, and other creatives with clients looking to book talent for their next shoot.
  • Directory of talent agents and casting directors.
  • Clients can create and manage job listings.
  • Tools for communication and project management.

6. Casting Frontier

Casting Frontier logo

Best for: Actors looking to be cast or to audition.

Casting Frontier is an online casting platform that has connected actors and models with casting directors, agents, and other industry professionals since 2006. It offers a range of services for actors and models, including access to casting calls and auditions, directories of industry professionals, and tools for managing and organizing the audition process. 

Clients are also able to post job listings, review submissions, and manage the casting workflow from within the platform.

Casting Frontier website image


  • Database of casting calls and auditions, industry news, and career advice.
  • Provides a directory of talent agents, casting directors, and other industry professionals.
  • Tools for talent to communicate, schedule, and manage the casting process with casting directors.

7. Newbook Models

Newbook logo

Best for: Booking a model directly without the agency/manager as a middleman.

Newbook is an online platform that allows unrepresented models to search for and find jobs with established clients. This platform allows clients to cut out agency middlemen and book talent directly, managing all communication and payment details within. 

Newbook Models website image


  • Provides a platform for vetted talent to communicate with clients and be cast in photoshoots.
  • Facilitates castings, bookings, and payments for models.
  • Helps models without representation book jobs with established clientele.

8. Actors Access

Actors Access logo

Best for: Actors; casting directors and agents looking to cast talent in motion pictures. 

Actors Access is an online casting platform that connects actors with casting directors, agents, and other industry professionals. There is a range of services available for actors, including updated job listings, the ability to upload and submit audition materials, and support for managing all communication and workflow during the audition process. 

For casting professionals, clients can manage and organize audition schedules, communication, and search through a database of talent.

Actors Access website image


  • Database of casting calls and auditions.
  • Talent can submit self tapes and manage communication with casting directors.
  • Database for casting directors to post job listings and review submissions from talent. 

Benefits of Using an Agency Directory

We do what we can with what we have. If you’re a producer looking for talent, or talent looking to be cast, it’s amazing to lean on established, organized agency directories like those listed above to know where to begin. 

And yes, all aforementioned teams certainly provide tools for you to get going. But how amazing to not need to scope through a list? LÜK uniquely lifts that load from your plate by connecting the dots for you. Instead of just consolidating information on casting agencies, we consolidate the talent–so you can cast and manage all the talent from all the agencies in one simple place. 

Our product replaces time spent, data stored, and details parsed. We replace the archaic act of reaching out to multiple agencies over hundreds of emails to cast just a handful of talent. With just a handful of conversations with a dedicated booker, all options and details are captured and communicated in one tidy place. 

There are savings to be had on time, effort, and stress. We promise 🙂

Get Access to the Best Agencies & Best Talent

If you found yourself here on a hunt for booking talent, we hope you learned a bit that helps you on your way. If you’re also trying to save time, effort, and guess work on finding the best model for your coming project, we’re sure we can help.

LÜK Network casts top talent from top agencies on top jobs every single day. During that multi-stepped process and the bevy of detailed, nuanced efforts that go into it, our clients need not interact with anyone except their dedicated booker. 

With established relationships, a booking specialist, and outsourced communication, the casting process is a piece of cake with us on your team.


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