Ford Models Review: What to Know About Ford Modeling Agency [2023]

ford models

When it comes to the modeling industry, Ford Models is one of the most prominent and respected names. With over 50 years of experience, Ford Models has been the launching pad for countless superstars in the fashion world and beyond. 

This article delves into the world of Ford Modeling Agency, from its humble beginnings to its rise to prominence. We’ll explore the agency’s history, philosophy, and its current models and establishments. Whether you’re curious about the agency’s inner workings, are aspiring to be a model, or simply want to learn more about the exciting world of modeling agencies, this article is your comprehensive guide to Ford Models. 

Who Runs Ford Models?

In 2020, Ford Models was acquired by Ford Models Brazil, with Decio Restelli Ribiero appointed as the new CEO. He is now responsible for overseeing both Ford Models and Ford Models Brazil.

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Ford Modeling Agency Review

About Ford Models

Ford  Models is at the forefront of the fashion industry, representing talent worldwide and merging culture and creativity. With its headquarters in New York City and offices in Paris, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami, Ford Models continues to innovate and influence both the modeling and fashion industries.


Founded in 1946 by Eileen and Jerry Ford, Ford Models revolutionized the modeling industry by introducing a new type of global business based on beauty. Starting in their New York City home, Eileen and Jerry created a company and brand that shaped the modeling industry. 

In 1980, Ford Models began the Ford Supermodel of the World Contest, which drew in more than 60,000 aspiring models from all over the world. This contest continued to be held as the VMan Ford Model Search with the support of the Visionaire publications. 

In the 2000s, the company expanded by forming Ford Artists, which aimed to represent people who work in the hair, makeup, and wardrobe industries. It also began its social media platform, including the Ford Models Blog, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Additionally, Ford Models established an imprint of Random House books, which created a series of teen novels that attempted to present a glamorous picture of their work with the agency. 

In 2011, Chairman Guerman Aliev diversified the company further by introducing the Ford Models Art Gallery. Since then, Ford Models has opened two locations in Brazil in San Paolo and Rio de Janeiro.


Ford Models has six modeling locations, four in the United States and the other two in Paris and Brazil. 

New York 

New York is the capital and home of Ford Models and has produced some of the most iconic talents in the world, including the world’s first supermodel, Janet Dickinson. Ford Models New York has collaborated with brands such as Versace, Calvin Klein, Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, and more. 

Models currently signed by Ford Models New York include Kate Li, Leslie Sidora, Barbara Palvin, Ali Tate, Channing Tatum, Kelly Gale, and Tyson Ritter. 

Contact Information: 

11 East 26th Street, 14th Floor, New York, NY 10010

(212) 219-6500


Ford Models Paris branch opened in 1991 and has worked with various brands including Gucci, Burberry, Ferragamo, and Harper’s Bazaar. Their most recent booking was with Louis Vuitton for a pre-fall campaign this year with Sora Choi and Takfarnes Bengana. 

Ford Models Paris represents talents Sora Choi, Issa Naciri, Amar Akway, Estelle Chen, Amelia Gray Hamlin, and more. 

Contact Information: 

278 Boulevard Saint-Germain, 75007 Paris, France

(+33) 144180808

Los Angeles

The Los Angeles location of the Ford Model represents the following models Allie Redmond, Melanie Colic, Raquel Bieri, and more. Their talent has been featured on the cover of Perfect Magazine, Self-Portrait, Arena Homme+, Vogue, Marc Jacobs, and more. 

Contact Information: 

9000 W Sunset Boulevard, Suite 720, West Hollywood, CA 90069

(310) 276-8100


The Ford Models Chicago branch is where the talent Abbe, Dana Taylor, Eleanor Burke, and Abigail Olin call home. Ford Models Chicago has worked with major brands such as DKNY, L’Officiel, Yves Saint Laurent, and Mode Magazine. Ford Chicago is also home to the Ford Artists division. 

Contact Information: 

850 West Jackson Blvd, Suite 410, Chicago, IL 60607

(312) 243-9400

(312) 646-7330


Ford Models Miami was recently revived in 2021 and is bringing the heat with the new faces Abby Garret, Chloe Yu, Jasmin Johnson, and Livia Rangel. In the short time their Miami office has been open, Ford Models Miami has collaborated with Elle Magazine, Calvin Klein, Harper’s Bazaar, Adidas, and others.

Contact Information: 

225 NE 34th St, Suite 205, Miami, FL 33137

(305) 534-7200


Brazil is their newest location, run by the current CEO of Ford Models, Decio Restelli Ribiero, and has three departments: women, men, and curves. The Brazil location also represents actors, DJs, and musicians. Talent includes Nanda Lisboa, Eli Wasa, Daniel Aguilar, and Iza Moreira. 

Contact Information: 

Av. Magalhães de Castro 4800, Capital Building, Suite 173, São Paulo, SP 05676-120

+55 11 3506 6101

Famous Ford Models

With Ford Models being one of the longest modeling agencies in the industry, we’ve seen some of the most iconic talent grace the cover of magazines, ads, commercials, and more. Here are some of the most famous faces currently being represented by Ford Models right now: 

  • Ali Tate
  • Beverly Peele
  • Barbara Palvin
  • Estelle Chen 
  • Christina Kruse
  • Kirsten Owen
  • Sigrid Agren
  • David Gandy
  • Fran Summers
  • Daniel Di Tomasso
  • Sora Choi

Ford Models also fostered the careers of these supermodels and renowned actresses: 

  • Brooke Shields
  • Janet Dickinson
  • Naomi Campbell
  • Beverly Johnson
  • Elle MacPherson
  • Jane Fonda
  • Courtney Cox

Other Ford Artists

hair and makeup

Ford also signs and manages stylists and artists in their Ford Artists division. They represent hair and makeup artists, women, men, and kids stylists, nail artists, props managers, and photographers. 

More About Ford Models

Ford Model Requirements

Ford Models does not list their requirements publicly on their website, but they do share this: 

FORD’s Tips to Getting Scouted:

Professional model scouts are looking for something different than you might expect. We don’t want to see you in your fanciest outfit with lots of makeup on. We are looking for you at your most natural.

  • Have a clean face with absolutely no makeup.
  • Pull your hair back.
  • Wear a form fitting outfit like skinny jeans and a tank top. We need to see the shape of your body.

How Much Do Ford Models Make?

Like other modeling agencies, a model’s pay varies depending on the project and its duration. Some models may take on multiple small projects at once or work on a major project for a longer duration. 

How to Become a Ford Model

Ford encourages individuals to attend their open calls at their Chicago location or submit an application via their online form. 

The modeling agency also warns of scammers posing as Ford Models. Ford Models does not ask their applicants to pay money to attend a casting call or to send explicit photos.

Every Ford Model representative reaches out to talent with an email that ends in “,” but always make sure you verify their identity. If you’re unsure about a representative, always call them directly.

Ford Model Resources


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The Bottom Line on Ford Models

From classic supermodels like Naomi Campbell and Janet Dickinson to modern-day supermodels like Sigrid Agren and Beverly Peele, Ford Models Agency has been at the forefront of the modeling business for decades. Known for their impressive list of models, having them be part of your next project would be a dream. 

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